Project Description




The MMAA project will empower musical artists with the most valuable insights on who and where their fans are. By means of big data analysis from within and beyond the MMAA ecosystem, MMAA will provide the means to a clear strategy for audience expansion, with tools to enable loyalty maintenance as well as monetisation.

At the same time, we will be targeting music magazines. Our project aims to put a cost-effective digital solution at their disposal. This will allow them to explore new business models. We believe that our solution will enable them to sustain a migration to digital, opening up new strategies for monetisation and thus promoting quality employment for journalists and audiovisual creators in the music field.



The main objective for MMAA is two-fold:

  • To create an innovative technological user-friendly ecosystem which allows artists to effectively succeed in the digital age; and
  • To become the reference SaaS solution for music magazines, both at European and global level; improving their digital development strategy in a sustainable way.

The ultimate goal for the MMAA project is to create the reference music digital ecosystem for music, where the entire value chain of a music fan is encompassed in an innovative and interactive way, allowing new business models for sustainable growth in the digital age. We envision the MMAA ecosystem as the reference online space for music lovers to:

  • Directly interact with their favourite artists and other fans¬†with similar tastes.
  • Access the most comprehensive concert agenda available¬†and purchase tickets.
  • Access quality editorial content in a personalised way.
  • Purchase music or merchandising directly from their favourite artists.
  • Discover new artists and bands.