Iteration 2 – Participants artists that completed all the tests and the survey

Iteration 2 of the project has now finished!
81 artists have completed the tests and give us feedback in order to get better!, The IMMF will draw tomorrow February the 9th a complete PA + 16-channel mixer system.

Here is the list of participants:
Agoraphobia, AleX Febres, Alex Ruiz, Alonso, Andhrea & the Black Cats, APO, Ares Turner, Beluga, Biribirlocke, Blaze Out, BLESET, Bostok, Carlos Moreno, Cartas a Felice, Causa Perdida, Coché Vil, Cora Sayers, Corazones Eléctricos, Cronómetrobudú, Cuarteto Caramuxo, David Prado, Dead Bronco, Dientes de Luna, D’miscela , DOEN, Eilehx Jauma, El Fer, El relevo alemán, Empty Files, Esem Ra, Gold&Colt, Hellorice, Heredeiros da Crus, Jaime Yakaman, James Blacksmith, Johnny Cat & The Poor Dogs, José Guzmán, Juan A. Guillén, Jules & The Wolf, Juli Rivera, Katia Marquez, KS, Kulto Kultibo, Los Garage, Maneiro, Manu Om, Martin Lucero, Mercedes Ferrer, Monoulious DOP, Nastasia Zürcher, No Crafts, Nuclear Minds, O GAJO, Orri Berdea, Os Amigos dos Músicos, Osmeth, PARDO, Pille Lill, Põhja Konn, Reprise Rock n Road, Rosa Cedrón, Sayonara Baby, Semejantes, SIROKA, Skunk D.F., Soas, Stoned At Pompeii, Strafonía, Supernatural, Susana Seivane, TANKATS, The Grassland Sinners, The Grooves, The Lákazans, The Reverendos, The Sign, The Taverners, Tierra Vertical, Unsuspected, Vanilla Base, Voreal