Great advance on Iteration 2 of the project. A lot of new artists are joining the pilot!

Iteration 2 of the Project is advancing great. New artists are joining and we are receiving good feedback!

In order to incentive the participation in this second iteration, a complete PA + 16-channel mixer system will be raffled among the artists participating in the European MMAA project who complete the tests of the two iterations and the questionnaires. It is perfect for the concerts in small venues or for arehearsal room, “The box pro Achat 110/112 Amp Bundle + Soundcraft Ui16 (or equivalent, valued at € 1,900)”.

Also a series of videos with TIPS for Artists and how the tools from MMAA can help them has been prepared:
How to get more concerts and gigs
How to win more money selling merch
How to launch my own successful crowdfunding campaign
How to promote in Facebook without losing my money