Launching the second iteration of the pilot

First iteration of the pilot enabled artists and end-users to provide a direct feedback about the services arisen from MMAA. Modifications to the services where done accordingly and now it is the time to carry out the second iteration of the pilot.

In this second iteration, artists and managers under the lead of IMMF will test the communication to fans feature, as well as the analytics provided associated to their online shop. End-users will provide their feedback about the newly launched app Beloud, which provides the most complete listing of concerts and festivals and everything a fan needs from their favorite artists: their tours, news, interviews … also direct communication from them.

Here are links to the questionnaires to collect feedback from this second iteration
Questionnaire for Artists
Cuestionario para Artistas
Questionnaire for end-users about Beloud app
Cuestionario para Usuarios finales app Beloud

Guide for the artists and managers participating in the second iteration of the pilot:
IMMF MMAA Test Participant Guide – iteration two
IMMF MMAA Guia de Participante – Segunda iteración

Beloud app for consumer:
Google play
Apple Store