Launching the third and final iteration of the pilot

Over the last two iterations, the opinion of 300 artists from different countries has been gathered on the services arisen from MMAA project and suggestions and problems have been addressed to improve the services.
The third iteration targets are on one side to gather the opinion of the improved services and on another side to test the final features, associated to audience expansion.
It is important to provide artists with tools so they can grow their fanbase. For that purpose, the raffle service has been developed, along with the capability so send messages to potential fans, targeting fans of other similar artists. In the iteration three we are asking the artists to try these two features and provide feedback about them.

The artist Gold & Colt won the award for the previous phase, a complete PA system + 16-channel mixer.

For this iteration the prize raffled among the artists completing the tests and responding to the questionnaire will be a home studio consisting of an iMac, Logic Pro X and MOTU 4 Pre Hybrid.

Here are links to the questionnaires to collect feedback from this third iteration
Questionnaire for Artists
Cuestionario para Artistas

Guide for the artists and managers participating in the third iteration of the pilot:
IMMF MMAA Test Participant Guide – iteration3 – en
IMMF MMAA Guia del participante – iteration3- es