MENT Workshop and Presentation

MENT festival has been awesome! We had the opportunity to present the project and its results so far as well as organizing a Workshop for Artists whose focus was on mentoring on three critical current aspect of the artist career development and how the tools in MMAA project can help.

MMAA Workshop: Artist And Manager’s Tool
Friday, 2 Feb, 10:00 @ M Hotel AB

Host: Natalia Talayero (Beloud, ES), David Sobrino (IMMF, ES)

MMAA (Music Magazine & Artist App) project will empower musical artists with an all-in-one, easy to manage solution for recurrent needs where today artists need to use different tools. In this workshop we will review the following topics, giving some useful tips for Artists and how MMAA project can help:
– How to get more and better concerts and tours?
– How to earn more money selling merchandising (online and in the concert)?
– How to do a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Presentation: Are You an Artist or a Manager? Participate in MMAA Project And Get Benefits.
Friday, 2 Feb, 11:30 @ M Hotel AB

Speakers: Natalia Talayero (Beloud, ES), Volker May (IMMF, DE)

The MMAA project will empower musical artists with an all-in-one easy to manage solution. It will provide the most valuable insights on where their fans are and a direct and efficient way to communicate with them through an attractive consumer app. Finally, it will provide the means to a clear strategy for audience expansion, with tools to enable loyalty as well as monetization.
During the presentation, you will have the opportunity to join and get special benefits.