Beloud is a technology start-up that develops new ways to create sustainable models for music professionals (artists, music magazines, record labels, and promoters). We create spaces where the music fan discovers a new way of entertainment and interaction with artists.

Right now, finding a sustainable model means changing the paradigms we know and we are working on that direction. We build attractive, intuitive and customizable services that the music fan really values and we provide the technology services and tools to music professionals to define, configure and exploit them in a SAAS environment.

Beloud coordinates he MMAA project and is in charge of the development the technical solution for artists and managers associated to the project.


The IMMF is a global non-governmental umbrella organisation (NGO). Its membership consists of national and regional federations of music managers and self-managed artists in 46 countries, with a count of more than two thousand members worldwide.

The IMMF is a music creative core partner representing the interest of the musical artist community, one of the fundamental users of the services provided by the MMAA platform. The IMMF will be in charge of the initial feedback associated with the services. Also they will be in charge of the

mass recruitment of artists/managers for the pilot, as well as the global coordination of the pilot and the constant and final input associated to features and usability of the services from the MMAA platform for artists.



Ascora is one of the leading providers of software apps in Germany with more than 8 mio users and more than 2.5 active newsletter subscribers; applications include desktop applications as well as web and mobile apps. As such, Ascora is very skilled in creating consumer-driven software solutions with high user friendliness, low error rate and adaptive system requirements. Within the project, Ascora will create intelligent discovery services for MMAA.